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Elify: Business Success Tool for Today’s Entrepreneurs

More than half a million Americans launch their own businesses every month, yet failure rates range from 50 to 90 percent. ER Wolf and Allison Taylor explain how Elify provides an online workplace for solo entrepreneurs, home-based business owners and others seeking to organize their workload for maximum efficiency and profitability.

Creating Circles of Success

ER, a business technology expert who holds dual master’s degrees, created Elify’s integrated system to increase success rates for small businesses worldwide. He discusses how the system helps business owners track marketing materials and get notified when prospects view them, and connect with their teams and industry leaders.

Get Your Business Game On

ER has spent a decade optimizing business processes through the use of technology and game theory, combining his experience as an entrepreneur and small business owner with knowledge he gained in higher education. He tells how gamification can help business owners have fun while meeting their goals.

A Personal Assistant ­that Pays

Elify helps business owners organize and prioritize tasks, events and clients according to those that are most important and produce income. Elify experts explain how smart algorithms can help business owners get organized to boost profits.

Virtual Business Card: Don’t Get Lost in the Stack

Unlike the paper versions we all have floating around, Elify’s Virtual Business Card can’t get misplaced. Elify experts tell how the interactive VBC, which doubles as a one-page website and is available in free and paid versions, helps owners grow their businesses.

Software for New Habits

Software solutions can help business people create new habits, whether it is working out three times a week, meeting 10 new people each week or following up instantly with interested prospects. ER and Allison explain how.

Snow Removal to High Tech: An Entrepreneurial Journey

ER started his first business, a snow removal and lawn service, at the age of 12. He tells how the entrepreneurial spirit led him to become a business technology expert dedicated to helping small business owners optimize results.

The Online Swiss Army Knife

Some business owners need to organize their contacts, schedules and events. Others need to track and train their teams and delegate tasks, and everyone wants to be notified when prospects are interested. Elify’s suite of tools includes everything people need to organize and grow a business, designed to be easy to use. Elify experts discuss the key tools today’s business owners need to succeed.

Elevating Professionalism in Network Marketing

ER developed Elify specifically to meet the needs of affiliate marketers and help them elevate their business. He discusses how these same tools for business planning, structure, growth, sales and building wealth can help solo entrepreneurs, small businesses and anyone with teams to grow their business.

Optimizing Business and Life

Owners of businesses large and small grapple with work-life balance on a daily basis. ER and Allison share how the system can help people maximize workday efficiency and flexibility to better balance life and work.

Time-Taming Tips for Teams

Elify experts discuss how the technology helps entrepreneurs and their teams work efficiently, and achieve more.

7 Strategies for Success

Elify experts share the seven key strategies critical for anyone who wants to create a successful business.

Translating Profitability

Elify’s software will be translated into most major languages and made available internationally to help business owners worldwide. Elify experts discuss the growing global importance of online businesses.

Stuck? Keys to Get Rolling Again

Many people starting their own businesses get stuck in the knowledge piece – they feel they need to master details before they can sell a product. Elify experts discuss how to avoid “reinventing the wheel” – how to get started selling and track success while getting the training needed to grow a business.

Duplication for Exponential Results

Elify experts explain how to use this cornerstone principle from network marketing to grow a business.

The KASH Model to Success

Knowledge, attitude, skills and habits equip business owners for success. Elify experts explain how the system can help business people organize skills and habits to optimize results.

Be Successful Faster

What are the best practices business owners need to reach and sustain profitability quickly? ER and Allison explain what it takes.

Stand Out From the Crowd

Novelty is a crucial element of growing a business. The Virtual Business Card is designed to get business owners more attention – and inform them when prospects are watching their videos or browsing their marketing materials. Elify experts explain how it helps entrepreneurs stand out from the crowd.
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