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Elify: Achieve More

New digital personal assistant helps entrepreneurs and home-based business owners organize themselves to optimize success

More than half a million Americans launch their own businesses every month, yet failure rates for entrepreneurs, startups and small businesses are daunting, ranging from 50 to 90 percent depending on the business. People seeking to build their own businesses and to reach and sustain profitability need a way to organize their daily tasks for maximum efficiency.

Now there’s a new service helping entrepreneurs to elevate their businesses. Elify is a cloud-based mobile application that helps users connect, communicate and interact through any internet enabled device. The software solution is designed to simplify success and give people all the tools they need to grow their businesses in one place.

“We provide an online workplace for solo entrepreneurs where they can get support, best practices and online tools to grow their business,” says Allison Taylor, Vice President of Marketing and Sales. “These industries have previously had a culture of being in business by themselves, with little support and high failure rates. With Elify, we are seeking to elevate and simplify these industries.”

Mobile Enterprise Solutions for Small Business

Elify is like having a virtual assistant for your business wherever you go. Its unique technology allows users to track all interactions and organize tasks according to time, monetary or rewards goals. The Smart Tasks algorithm allows you to organize and track prospects, your team, and time all in one place to make sure you are achieving your most important tasks first. When an entire team uses Elify the solution becomes social, allowing team members to work together, collaborate and share resources. Rewards features a gamification element designed to spur you and your team to reach the goals you set.

Anyone can try out Elify to see how it boosts productivity through a special $1 14-day trial now. Users also get access to Elify’s Virtual Business Card, an amazing business-building tool that tracks your marketing efforts and notifies you when prospects open your materials or watch your videos. The Virtual Business Card features your name, title, photo, business logo and icons linking to social media, websites and videos. Engineered for mobile apps, it rearranges itself when viewed on a computer to appear as a one-page website.

Snow Removal to High Tech: An Entrepreneurial Journey

Elify’s suite of robust tools for entrepreneurs is the brainchild of ER Wolf, founder and CEO of parent company alt10. The son of an East German immigrant father and an American mother, Colorado native ER started his first business, a snow removal and lawn service, at the age of 12, under the tutelage of his father who believed anyone can accomplish anything with hard work. "My father told me if I was going to have a business I had to run it like a business. I was the only 12 year old I knew that had a brochure, professional invoices, and a receipt book."

ER went on to earn dual masters degrees in Business Administration and Finance from the University of Colorado with focuses on Entrepreneurship and Investment Management. He became a business technology expert with a personal mission to increase the success rate of small businesses around the world.

For over a decade ER has been optimizing business processes through the use of technology and game theory. The principles he subscribes to are the result of his own journey as an entrepreneur and small business owner coupled with knowledge he gained in higher education.

The inception of alt10 and Elify came about as the culmination of his decades of experience with online affiliate marketing, digital marketing and sales consulting combined with graduate level research centered around optimizing small business to produce maximum results.

ER observed that online affiliate marketers leverage technology at the highest levels and in some cases exclude the human element completely – often to their detriment. However, in small business and in direct sales he saw the opposite trend; the human element was maximized with a complete lack of effective technology resulting in inefficiencies due to the manual process.

ER developed Elify as a complete productivity suite focusing on the core drivers behind business growth and success. His goal is to provide technical solutions and a competitive advantage to business owners around the world.

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